Friday, August 21, 2009

Little Treasures

Although the picture above is not one I took of my bracelet, mine looks almost exactly like it.

In Maine I was looking in all the little shops. In one I found a wrack of gem bracelets. I looked at every one, appreciating their beauty and considering buying it. There were a lot of different colors, so obviously I couldn't buy one of each. I couldn't choose so I resorted to reading the little meanings written as a description. I chose the one that said it is ruled by my Sun sign- Sagittarius. I got a beautiful blue Sodalite chip bracelet!

I got the description below from this website. I really liked the information given on this site, but unfortunately they have something that keeps people from copy and pasting anything off of it. I suggest visiting it, though, because they really did have a lot about different stones.
A stone of the higher mind, Sodalite helps the wearer to think rationally and form logical conclusions. It aids in releasing confusion as well as over-emotionalness and creates a stable atmosphere in which to deal with intellectual challenges, and brings a feeling of competence and well-being to those pursuits. Sodalite aids in understanding ones true feelings and helps to verbalize them. It is an excellent stone for working with groups as it helps the members to create an atmosphere of mutual trust and self-esteem, enhancing solidarity and enabling the group to establish common purpose and work together toward their goals. Calming and stabilizing, Sodalite stimulates thought and allows one to access their own inner knowing. It releases stresses, nervousness, angers and fears. An excellent stone for meditiation and a promoter of inner wisdom.

I don't know if my bracelet has stimulated my thought and allowed me to access my own inner knowing, but I do like it. I would love it if my stresses, nervousness, angers, and fears were released.

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