Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Summer Fun

I wanted to put up a Youtube video of the song 'Summer Loving' from Grease. Then I realized that I haven't had a summer love, and it doesn't fit. xD Since I can't find a song that does fit I guess this post will remain video-less.

I've been doing a lot lately. I went to see Inglourious Basterds, which is an awesome movie! One that I suggest going to see. Then I went and saw Funny People, a not so awesome movie. I was disappointed with Adam Sandler. I usually love his stuff, but this movie just dragged on and wasn't funny. We actually left the theatre before it ended.

At home I've been watching all the Pirates of the Caribbean movies with Tia. We both love watching Johnny Depp. Plus it's PIRATES. Pirates totally rock. That's why I dressed up like one for Halloween last year. I'll definitely dress up like one again this year if I get the chance.

Yesterday I went for a short hike with my friend. It was short because we had gotten a ton of rain previously, so the trails were muddy, she didn't want to walk through all the mud. I'm planning on going for another hike soon. Maybe a different trail; we've got enough of them around here!

Like I said I would, though, I am running around like a mad person. I'm getting the errands done and cleaning the house. My parents say they're going to use me while they've got me here. This is one thing I won't miss while I'm at school...

Tia goes back tomorrow! She's not really looking forward to it. 8th grade isn't really any different from 7th grade at our school at least. She's lucky for the familiarity. That is what I'll miss the most.

We've got another fair on Saturday that we're showing at. I'll be going to the farm on Friday to clean cows as best I can so they're easier to wash Saturday morning. We have to be at the farm to load cows at 5AM, which means getting up around 4:30 or earlier. I am actually showing at this fair! There's the possibility of bringing home some cash, but what I really want is a giant ribbon. I've got a lot of ribbons from all of my past shows, but I don't have one of those really big purple ones. Call me silly, but I want one! It's a smaller fair, so my chances are good.

I'm wishing I had the Grease soundtrack right now, because I really do want to listen to some of the songs. Youtube, here I come!

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  1. 'summer lovin' had me a blast! summer lovin' happened so fast'

    LOL. I love that movie. Thanks for the heads up on 'funny people'-I've been wanting to see it.