Sunday, June 14, 2009

Tackling The To Do List

I am happy to report that my Sunday to do list is shrinking! Sunday is the day I get stuff done since I babysat all day Saturday again. I'm glad that I've gotten so much done, even if I still have stuff to do. Great joy in small victories, right?

I woke up and immediately wanted to go back to bed this morning. I've been sick the past couple days. Friday was the senior class trip to Boston (oh my gods it was fun! Pictures at a later date) and I ended up losing my voice due to a combo of singing/ talking loudly over music and having a cold. I had a wicked sore throat yesterday and I can barely talk at all today.

I got up anyways and made my mental to do list. At first it consisted of three things 1- clean the house 2- use up the zucchini by making muffins and brownies (brownie recipe and more at a later date) 3- study for finals.

Not a bad list for the day. Then it grew. The house was dirtier than I thought, cooking takes forever when my dad starts making spaghetti while I'm making zucchini muffins, I forgot that I also need to make bread for myself for the week, I needed to eat & relax, go on the exercise bike, and I wanted to catch up on blogs.

Once I'm done writing this I only have to make my bread and study for finals.I don't even have to make dinner! Mom got Pizza Hut and there is some left.

The finals for tomorrow are:
AP English (easy exam!)
and Personal Finance (stressing over!)

Then graduation practices also start tomorrow. And I have a NHS meeting and then senior NHS members have dinner with Mr. Sullivan. I don't think I'll even have the chance to get near a computer. Any free time I have will be spent cramming for the French final I have on Tuesday! French is easliy my toughest class- this learning a second language thing is hard.

Off to throw some stuff in a breadmaker and then cram my head full of knowledge about finances.


  1. I love me some brownies ... but with zucchini?

  2. You must be very mature. Your To-Do list sounds like mine and I'm 40. At your age, I worried about getting my 2 hours of tanning in and a work out....maybe study for finals. ;)

    The fact that you do sound so mature will take you to positve places in your life and you'll probably make few mistakes.

  3. Hate to break it to you -- I still stress over Personal Finances. LOL! What I'm wondering is if your learning something about them and not stressing that I don't know -- pass it on.

    You made the other parts of your day (the wants) sound so soothing.

    Good Luck today!

  4. Good luck on your French finals! I hope you did well on Personal Finance... That's a killer in real life too :)

    I will scrounge around for the recipe for zucchini fritters. They are YUM! :)

  5. Oy! I forgot how crazy-busy the end of high school can be. Sounds like you are organized with all you have to do.
    Personal finance? Learn ALL you can while you are young will help you trememdously in the future.

    I love zucchini bread!'d never know there's zucchini in there!
    Good luck with your exams and there's an award for you over at my blog when you have time!
    Happy Grad practice:)))