Thursday, June 18, 2009

Trip to Boston

Finally I have a few minutes to post these pictures!

Last Friday was the senior class trip. It took some convincing, but we got the school board to let us go out of state to Boston! Our town is literally on the corner of New Hampshire, right next to Mass. and Vermont, so none of us thought it was a big deal to drive two hours into Mass.

When we got to Boston first thing we did was watch a cool 3D movie about the sea. We then had the chance to go see all the cool animals in the aquarium. The last time most of us had been to the aquarium was for our 2nd grade field trip there. After the aquarium we had lunch and went shopping at Quincy Market! This was my first time visiting Quincy Market, and it was so neat! There were more places to eat and shop at than I could count. When our two hours were up (that was so not long enough if you asked any of us)we went on a tour of Fenway Park. I've been there for games before, so it was really weird to see it empty. Because we live in New Hampshire most of the people are Red Sox fans. There are a couple Yankee fans in my class, though. They got razzed a lot on the trip.

After the tour we went on our dinner/dance cruise. It was so much fun! Sad enough, everyone agreed that it was even better than prom. There were other schools on the boat so there was a lot of socializing. What really made it great was the DJ. There was no break between songs, it was just an endless stream of good music.

It was a great trip. There were so many other fun moments that I couldn't catch on camera. Like how we got lost multiple times and when we asked for directions the person we asked didn't speak English. Lucky us Nate had a GPS on his ipod. Or when Drew got a wicked bad nosebleed on the bus and we stopped it with a tampon. The two people on bikes stopped at the same stoplight as us who started kissing as the boys on the bus cheered them on. Or that other couple we saw making out on the sidewalk on our way home. The boys yelled to them too. The other bus full of teenagers we saw on our way to Boston that we kept passing. People eventually wrote cellphone numbers on paper so they could text back and forth. It turns out they were from New York. It's too bad we never caught up with them.

I don't like cities (at all) but if I have to go to one, Boston is the one I choose.


  1. Sounds like you are having so much fun! I'm glad :O)

  2. Now that sound like a helluva blast!!!! WooHoo -- wish I could have been there! Love the details.

    Hope your Graduations was everything you wanted it to be sweet pea :) ((hugs))