Monday, May 25, 2009


Wow, I'm worn out! We had a long three-day weekend, but I didn't get to catch up on much. Honestly I'm not sure what I would have wanted to catch up on! My weekend was busy but I don't think I could have had more fun than I did unless we had gone to a parade today and I had bought that little Buddha statue at the flea market for $1.

Saturday I was babysitting all day. No matter how much I adore Keagan (and I do!) he knows how to tire me out. What 2 1/2 year-old doesn't, though? We went to the fish ladder and played in this wicked awesome park that had an old school merry-go-round. We had so much fun!

Sunday I woke up with a cold! Not just a little "oh my nose if stuffy" cold, but a knock me on my butt "I wanna go back to bed, I feel like sh*t!" cold. I took a bunch of cold meds, went to visit Grandpa Ben's grave, went to the flea market, and had a nice nap in the afternoon. Then I managed to stay up until 11 last night going fishing with a small chunk of my family, and then playing a Disney trivia game at my Aunt Jen's (I won! xD)

When we came home last night the light on our phone was blinking. A message from Keagan's mom! I ended up babysitting him again from about 9 this morning into the early afternoon. He's so much fun that I can't complain! I really am ready to just sit and watch a movie or something, though.


  1. Wow Tori! I am tired just from reading this!!
    Buddha statue for a dollar? What a score!!!


  2. Me too -- tired from reading this! LOL! I love your little buddha -- picture? Good for you winning while sick!

    Sense and Sensibility sounds like the movie to watch at this point, that's for me though. Tell us what you end up watching!

    Thanks for the comments sweetie -- I'll get to that meme sometime this week -- I hope -- I'm so glad you included me.

    love to you