Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Prom Pics!

I finally have prom pics to post!

I actually had a minor freak out right before my mom tried to take pictures of me. I started crying because my hair would not do what I wanted it to! So, there aren't many of just me. Honestly- I don't really like how I look in any of these pics. xD I hated all the picture taking before prom, I had fun once we got there at least!

Me getting my hair done by my Aunt Taunya.


My cousin Sam and her boyfriend Collin.

A big group of us at prom, notice that I ended up pulling my hair into a ponytail? I couldn't deal with that frizzy mess!

Another group pic, before prom though.

Sam & Me

Emeline & Amy!


  1. Oh wow! Such cool pics!
    And your hair looks gorgeous hanging down!
    Get used to it now Tori...our hair NEVER does what it's supposed to for important days like this! I've had many many minor freakouts over my hair :)
    You have the most beautiful dress of everyone...I absolutely LOVE that green!
    Hope you had a fun and memorable time at prom!!

  2. Honey, you are beautiful!! You reminded me of a mermaid, and then your post made me think about her just wanting to skadaddle back into the water, screw the hair! lol Glad you had a good time.

    -- I love your writing voice kiddo-- you could write a book; all this stuff girls go through during their last year of HS --all that hair angst -- you made it sound funny yet identifiable too.

  3. Ah! You all look marvelous! And hopeful! Keep that feeling with you forever :)

  4. Just beautiful! I hope you had the best time, ever!

  5. you look lovely!! and that dress is adorable!