Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wreck This Journal and More!

I didn't get the chance to do much to my journal yesterday, I did more doodling and coloring today. Here's the pictures!

Today is my little sister's birthday. Happy birthday, Tia! I can't believe she's 13. A friend at school told me she remembered when Tia was little and jumping up onto her back for a piggyback ride at my 13th birthday party. Wow! How did 5 years go by so fast?
I got what I ordered in the mail today! I ordered a couple presents for some friends from The Hunger Site. I can't post pictures or say what in case those friends decide to stop by my blog. There are amazing things you can buy off the Hunger Site, though. If you want to buy gifts for someone and help feed those in need, going there is a good option. What I received is the same quality (and price) as what I could buy at a store.


  1. Happy Birthday to Tia! :) Many blessings to her and all your family :)

    Thank for the Hunger Site suggestion! It's awesome! You are so sweet!

    I have never heard of Wreck this Journal before but it sounds intriguing! :)

  2. Happy Birthday to Tia! I have an awesome friend who shares her name :)
    Ditto on mentioning Hunger Site - I used to click there a lot, & haven't in awhile, I remember seeing some cool gifts, too :)

  3. Love the journal! You're doing fantastic. A Sagittarius little sister eh? She must make life very interesting for you!

  4. I hope Tia had a marvellous birthday!
    and love the journal page here...

    so glad you are enjoying FaeryLand xo