Friday, December 5, 2008

Updates & Wreck This Journal

Brrr! My cat is sick, so I am keeping my bedroom door shut do she doesn't throw up on my bed like last time she was sick. This means barely any heat is reaching my room. I don't like sitting up here in the cold. xD I'll be on this weekend, just not as much.

I will be babysitting tonight and tomorrow during the day. Hopefully I will get to go to Keene sometime this weekend. My school has adopted 6 needy families (20 kids) to buy toys for. I signed up to buy a couple of the gifts. We are also doing a feed the thousands box at school. All that food is going to help the community. And then we have a pet food box! I want to buy a few items for each of those boxes as well. It's nice to be able to help.
I've been wrecking my journal! I even wrapped a friend's gift in the page that said "Wrap something with this page" It was fun to decorate the paper. I'm finding that this journal is already helping me! I'm drawing and not caring if it's not perfect. I'm enjoying myself.

Because it's getting close to Christmas time In decided to draw a Christmas tree and some presents. It looks like something a 7-year-old would draw, but you should have seen how much fun I was having.

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  1. How lovely!

    First of all, may I say how much I admire your loving compassionate spirit! :) Shine one girl!

    Your "wrecked" journal is looking marvelous! I love the coloring! It's not unusual for a lot of us to tap into our 7 year-olds when asked to do this. That's when drawing was full of colorful imagination and free of judgement! How liberating :)