Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Random Life Update- OW!

So, today I got my nose pierced. My aunt Jen did it with an earring gun. I now have a 3mm earring in my nose. It seems huge. I can change it to a cute little nose ring in 3-6 weeks though! Here is a picture of it.

Yeah there is a bit of blood, and no I do not know why my eyes are so huge! I'm glad I did it. I wasn't sure if I would go through with it. I'm a bit of a chicken. xD I kept saying stop, stop, stop. It was the same when I got my bellybutton pierced two years ago. And when I get shots. There is the initial pinch and then there just seems to be this long drawn out painful moment. It's not longer than 5 seconds, but it feels like forever. Then it just feels hot after.

I'm going to go to school tomorrow and I'll have people asking me "Did it hurt?" Well duh. You are shoving something through your nose, of course it hurts! Not as bad as I thought it would though. It's still a bit sore. My cousins and my aunt tell me that the first few hours are going to be the worst. I'll post another picture when I change it.

I'll post the next Fairy post tomorrow, Thursday at the latest. I am currently reading Astral Travel for Beginners by Richard Webster. It seems to be a good book. When I am done reading it I will try some of the exercises and post about them.


  1. Earring gun=bad, especially for your nose. That's because it rips and severs the cartilage (like with industrial piercings), rather than a piercing needle that removes that tiny bit of skin to put the ring into.

    It's actually against the law in some states and provinces to pierce cartilage with guns because of the horrible infections they can cause (not because the gun is dirty, but because of the damage it does to cartilage).

    Watch for infections, as they're REALLY common in cartilage piercings done with guns. Be sure to clean with lukewarm water with sea salt dissolved in it.

    It DOES look cute though---I just don't want to see you get an infection!

  2. Yes I know the earring gun is bad for your nose. It was buy a $10 pair of earrings and have my aunt pierce my nose, or go to the tattoo place and have them do it for $40. xD I chose the cheap way out.

    I'm taking care of it. I have a bottle of piercing cleaner. When I got my bellybutton pierced I only used salt water, and it was fine. I'm thinking about using salt water at night and the cleaner in the morning, just to make sure it really is being cleaned well.

    Thank you for your concern! An infection would really stink.