Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Into To Fairies: Part Two

Believing in the Fairies is very important if you want to work with them. Why it is that people who do not believe in the Fae do not see them? I’m not sure. I do know that seeing them takes work, and that the first step to seeing is believing! I have a firm belief in the Fae and even I do not see them with my eyes. I can usually sense their presence, and I can sometimes see them in my mind. I am very new at trying to see them though. It takes time. There are exceptions of course. Some people naturally see them, while others (like me) need to work to open their eyes.

Young children usually see Fairies with ease. They have not been taught to not believe in them, so they still can. Usually we lose this ability and never think anything of it. Because they still believe in them, the Fae deal with children a lot. You can probably ask a child what they know about Fairies and learn something!

I remember when I was little looking out the window at my cousin’s house during a summer rain storm. In her backyard a rainbow almost always appeared after it rained. When we saw it we would go running out to look for the pot of gold at the end. What little kid didn’t do this though? It was fun, and we loved to be outdoors.

If you want to contact and see Fae you should spend time outside. They like nature, and prefer yards and gardens to be as natural as possible. I am thinking about buying some bulbs soon so I can attract more Fae to my home come spring. Not that I believe all Fae hibernate during winter, but I do think they prefer spring to snow! xP

You may also want to pick up any trash around your yard or on the side of the roads around your home. The Fae are a part of nature, and what hurts the Earth hurts them. Being environmentally friendly will make it more likely for you to make contact with Fae.

When you feel really ready to try to make contact you should go into your yard and invite them. They love gifts, so I would suggest leaving something for them as well. They love sweets, milk, and butter, but ultimately they would probably prefer natural to unnatural foods. So that means no “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!” They also love shiny things. Remember this when leaving gifts for the Fae: If it’s not good enough for you, why do they want it? They do not like being treated like animals. Do not leave scraps of leftover food as gifts. Leave it for an animal to find of you like.

If you do not notice any changes after you invite the Fae to your home do not be discouraged. Keep your mind open and try again another day!

Thanks to Mrs. B. for reminding me about Aelwyn’s online shop . There are some amazing pieces of art there, and I definitely recommend visiting it!


  1. Oooo---thanks for the plug! ;)

    This is a great beginner post for working with the Fae! I suggest planting faery friendly flowers, like violets, foxglove, lavender, kiss-me-over-the-garden-gate (yes, that is a flower), sweet smelling herbs, and even have faery statues in the garden as well.

  2. I like to put honey out, poured into a seashell. I leave it in the garden among the herbs and flowers.

  3. Beautiful post! And so true. When I lived on a mountain and would go hiking, I always asked for protection by the fairy queen, Lilith. I also in the winter would leave breadcrumbs for the wood creatures and one day found a real ceramic fairy hidden under a log! It was such a magickal place, I could feel the wood fairies were with me.

    I have a very strong urge to ask you to give your friend some rose quartz. Just something for your friend to hold on to. It helps calm emotions down. Make sure she isn't wearing moonstone, that can get people too emotional. I'm so sorry your friend is having such a hard time. You can always light a candle and surround her with white light from a distance.

    Write me any time! Thanks for visiting and I hope you write more posts like this one, I am a freak about magickal stuff and will be back.