Friday, September 19, 2008

Gems and Crystals: Cleansing and Recharging

On a suggestion from Sacred Suzie I am sending my friend a Rose Quartz Gem. My friend is suffering from depression, and Sacred Suzie told me rose quartz can help calm emotions down. So in her next care package she will not only find cookies, brownies, and maybe some other yummy foods, but also a piece of rose quartz! It is just a piece that I have had sitting on my shelf for about a year. I haven’t done much work with crystals and gems so it will not be missed. I may have another piece that fell under my bed anyway. xD

Before I send her the gem I am cleansing it. There are a few different ways you can cleanse a gem or crystal. The method I am using is one of the more common. I am soaking the gem in salt water for 24 hours. For this method you should use natural sea salt, not table salt.

Other simple methods for cleansing crystals are:

· Running them under cold tap water for 3-4 minutes
· Burying the crystals in the earth for 24 hours
· Soaking the crystals in an ocean, lake, or spring for 3 or 4 hours
· Soaking the crystals in flower petals for 24 hours
· Leaving your gem in a quartz cluster for 24 hours (this also charges the gem)

NOTE: Some gems do not do well in salt water. If you are unsure about your gem, check online.

After you clean a crystal of its energy you should recharge it. I am going to leave the crystal in the sunlight to do this.

· People may use a quartz cluster to charge the crystal (it also cleanses it)
· Your thoughts are very powerful. A crystal can be charged with your positive thoughts. To do this hold the gem in your hands and visualize it surrounded by light. If you feel yourself thinking negatively put down the crystal, and clear your mind before continuing.
· Some believe that crystals can be activated with sound. I am not sure how this works. If you are interested in this method please try it and tell me your results!

I f you are interested in the meanings a good site for gemstone meanings is . There is an amazing amount of information there.

I’m sorry that I don’t know much about the subject. It’s interesting, but it is not something that I have worked with very much. I will try to write another Fairy Post sometime soon. If I can find some good bulbs to plant I will do a post about my garden and maybe plants that the Fae like. Aelwyn wrote about a few in one of her comments. =)


  1. I'm so glad that you have a rose quartz crystal that is your own you can send her, that will make it even more powerful. I avoid soaking my crystals in salt just in case. Instead I will have a bowl with salt and then put another small bowl on top and then put the crystal inside that. The idea is the salt will still drawn out the impurities and the crystal will be left clean. This is best done during the waning of the moon (now). The charge the stone, leave it out somewhere that it can be touched with moonlight.

    You definitely are a sensitive if you saw that ghost! I have rarely seen them, just once. Most of the time I hear them or get touched.

    I really hope your friend is feeling better soon. In the end, she has decide to let her light shine.

  2. Having Native American roots, I sometimes like to cleanse my stone by passing them through sage smoke. I have also buried them in salt, instead of using salt water. They usually don't have any reaction to it that way.

    I've really only just started getting into using stones. I'm usually much more of an herb girl! I started putting small chips of stones in the garden dirt, to help strengthen plants vibrations. Like putting a nice, soothing rose quartz into my chamomile patch, or a crystal quartz into my sage.

    Looking forward to another fairy post :O)

  3. Now I am glad too that I decided checking YOUR blog! :o)
    I'l add you to my blogroll so we can keep in touch.
    One thing that also makes wonders to cher up a depressed soul is lavender. Unless you friend is not fond of it, you can send her a lavender sachet or anyhting made with this beautiful plant.

    Hope to see you around often!

    Kisses fromNydia.