Sunday, February 21, 2010


Well blog buddies I am only human! And a teenager at that. Everyone messes up, right?

Yesterday 3 friends and I were hanging out in one of their dorm rooms. We were playing Jenga and drinking a little. Someone who doesn't like us apparently knew we had the alcohol and decided to call the cops. They told the cops there was a party going on. Since when does 4 people playing Jenga qualify as a party? Anyway 8 cops showed up to bust our 'party'. The cops were pissed because 8 cops is most of the Montpelier police force and they all came to bust up a game of Jenga. They even told a friend of ours how badly they felt after because they made me and Lexie cry.

We have to pay a fine to the school for drinking on campus. We also have to take a class with the state. After the class this will be wiped off our records. I won't say none of that matters, but it's not the worst of it. The worst for me was telling my parents. They expect so much from me and I've always hated letting them down. I guess disappointing my parents is just a part of growing up. I can't be who they want me to be.

Everyone on campus is pissed that someone narced on us. I mean, why us? There was a girl totally shit-faced and throwing up on the third floor the night before and people get high on campus all the time! We weren't even drunk! I blew a .023, that's like one drink. We're all trying to figure out who the NECI narc is, because that is just not cool. They totally bypassed the RA's and called the cops. What a jerk.


  1. Oh, Tori! How embarassing - & how cool the cops sound -

    When I was in college, I wasn't at all a 'party' gal. My roomie HATED alcohol in any form, & my folks had let me have wine with them - very sweet in tiny glasses - at home. But I wasn't particularly intersted in drinking.

    The gal in the dorm room next to mine had some beer, & for some reason, her roommate was gone & she asked if I'd come over to share it - so I had maybe one beer with her, & felt SO guilty!! The next AM, there was a HUGE long letter on the door to the stairs in our dorm, saying if anyone was caught drinking on campus (& in the dorm) we'd NEVER be allowed to be teachers!!! (it was the state 'normal' or teaching school!!)

    YIKES!! I was SO glad we hadn't gotten *caught* - but was sure someone must have *known* & took it SO personally - I never drank on campus again!!

    I realize, reading your story, that someone else in the dorm probaby DID have a roudy party going on, & THEY were more the target than our quiet little tipple - still!!
    I don't think I ever told my parents :)

  2. Ugh. There are always people who are mad that you're having fun. And want to ruin it for you.

    Still, having a drink and playing Jenga? Don't beat yourself up TOO badly ;)

  3. That's just WRONG.
    I would have thought the cops would have just let it slide when they saw what was actually going on. It's not like you were driving your cars or stripping down in the commons area, for goodness sake!

    Trust me though, Tori. This will be something you laugh about in the years to come, although I'm sure it seems embarrassing now. I hope you find the narc! What a bitch/bastard.

  4. Bummer Tori. I hope you find out who exaggerated the situation and called the police.
    I'm sure the cops have to make you & your friends "an example" and serve as a warning to partying students...try not to take it personal.
    As for your parents, I'm sure you haven't disappointed them, they were young once too! And I'm sure they just want you to be you ....and happy!

    * What if you just attending AA for awhile? That's free and maybe it will pass for the councelling thing?

    Welcome to the wonderful world of me - some day you will laugh about this!!!