Monday, January 18, 2010

Getting a Life

Hello world! Are you still there? I'm so relieved, we just finished a major group project tonight, and it's getting passed in tomorrow morning. Then I am never thinking about it again. Ever.

I baked cupcakes this morning! I had a ton of fun decorating them. I think they came out pretty awesome. I'm going to bring some of them to class tomorrow to share with my blockmates in celebration of finishing the project.

My weekend was interesting... Saturday morning I drove home, and I am ashamed to say I got pulled over for speeding on the highway. From this I learned basically to do the opposite of whatever my cousin does. She is the one who taught me to drive on the highway and since she did 80 all the time I naturally assumed it was alright. Wrong! She has copdar, I do not. Luckily I got off with a written warning. It scared the crap out of me, and I learned my lesson. No more going fast.

Saturday night I was social! I went with my cousin to a party at her friend's house. I also hung out with Amy and we learned how to play Risk. Hooray! Risk is way more fun than Monopoly by the way. I also went out and got my hair cut. It's shorter than I wanted it to be, but it works. I also got some new clothes.

New haircut? New clothes? Being social? What is this? I like it. I am committing to this idea of me doing stuff. Like making friends. Why is this so much harder than it sounds?

Speaking of friends- I am working on not liking that guy anymore, because I really would still like to be friends with him. This is really hard, but I'm going to do it. It probably doesn't help that every other song I hear is a love song. That's what I get for liking country music. It really isn't the kind of music you listen to when you want to feel better!


  1. omg, country music is totally all love songs and love gone wrong. No music for you! lol

    I love that you got out and had fun and I love those cupcakes!

  2. Great weekend! I'm so glad you went out and had a good time! A new haircut and clothes always helps too.

    Just an observation (take it or leave it - it's okay) - it's very hard to be "just friends" with someone you have feelings for. Sometimes just moving on without them in your life is easier. I only know one person who was ever able to have a good friendship with an ex. But if you can do it without hurting yourself, more power to you.

  3. 一個人就像一個分數,他的實際才能是分子,他對自己的評價是分母。分母越大,則分數的價值越小。..................................................

  4. The cupcakes look delightful! My daughter's been taking Gluten Free cupcakes to parties her girls attend, & I found some delish quinoa macaroons (macaroons are usually GF naturally :) in a box that I keep on hand for times I know my gal friends will have 'treats' & there may not be any GF available! I just found out a gal who has baked goods booth at our Sat Market is 'allergic' to wheat - & she's getting the stuff all over her hands - daily?

    Kudos on the new 'do' & all you're up to!! Isn't it fun??
    It's easier to try to be friends several MONTHS (at least) after you've broken up!! The hormone Oxytocin plays a big role in attraction & bonding, & changes our brain chemistry when we see 'him' or think about . . . . which DOES lessen with time - but it's so individual!! Sigh :) You're doing GREAT!!!

  5. Absolutely kick ass cupcakes, they rock! And look at all you are accomplishing, way to go Tori. So proud of you. :)

  6.'re blossoming into a little social butterfly. Yay! Embrace your socialbility. It's a beautiful thing.

    Those cupcakes look yummy. I think the red flower in the upper right corner fo the first picture is the prettiest. :)