Monday, January 25, 2010


Okay, well not so much advice as would you be willing to share your opinions? I am trying to form my own opinion on the subject and I would greatly appreciate knowing other people's views.

What is your stance on doing things that you might regret later?

I am having a lot of conflicting emotions and thoughts lately. I desperately need someone to talk to, but the one person who knows the situation is the one person I probably shouldn't talk to about it. No, I take that back- I should talk to them, just not until after I figure some things out.

I asked a teacher what she thought about doing things you might regret. Her response? Think about it more, because that means you might be doing something against what you believe is right. What about when I don't know what I believe is right?

Come to think of it I really respect this teacher, maybe I'll ask if I can talk to her about the situation that is distressing me so much. She would probably understand, and I know she wouldn't talk to anyone else about it. I can't trust any of my peers to not talk about it with others. A sad situation, but true.

I can guarantee that if asked most of my peers would also say that I need to live life to it's fullest and just be happy while I can. But what if that means being hurt later? Not thinking ahead gets you in trouble. But it also prevents you from having fun.

It's taking a lot to not cry right now. My cousin is sitting across the room from me, and I don't even feel comfortable talking to her about this. I need an outside opinion.


  1. Honestly? I'm all about living in the moment. And something I always try to remember, sometimes what's "right" does hurt.

    I know that's probably not a lot of help, but I tend to do things from the gut, instinctively.

    Good luck, love.


  2. i tend to live day by day and deal with regrets as they come. everybody has their own set of regrets, what's important is that you don't let them bog you down and completely consume you. you know?

    this is amy by the way, and i'm always willing to listen and talk. just call/text/send me a note on facebook/twitter, whatever! even if i'm not exactly the best advice giver ever, sometimes just talking something out can help out. at least, it does for me. :)

  3. If you sense a hesitation, if you sense that this (whatever it is) it might be a mistake, then wait. Your internal voice never lies. The one time I didn't listen to that voice of hesitation I made a big mistake and now live with deep regret. I never believed in regret until I did not listen to that voice. That is my advice Tori, if it is not something you know for sure you want then maybe it is not a good idea.

  4. I always follow my gut. It will and may already be telling you what to do. When I ignore my gut, that's when it all goes wrong for me.

  5. It really depends what the specific situation is for me. But I understand you might not want to talk about that, so... I would say that if you suspect that it goes against what you think is right, don't do it. I do things I know I shouldn't be doing all the time and the regret is awful. Once you've done it, you can't take it back. I definitely think you need to talk to someone close to you about the specific problem though!

  6. Do you know for sure you'll regret it? I'm all about instant gratification, but if I know the regret will be deep after (and not just 100 calories on my hips or a hangover) then I rethink why I want this so much.

    You need to know that what you get out of something will be worth the hurt later. Unfortunately it's hard to tell. Sometimes it's "ouch - that didn't go well." And sometimes it's earth-shattering regret.

    Take some time to think it through - and do try and talk to that teacher if you think you can.

  7. I say: think it over and if you really know what you want, then go for it! If you end up regretting things in the end, at least you know you tried rather than regretting it knowing you did nothing. That's even worse.

    I hope this helps~