Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy Yule!

Happy Yule everyone! I am wicked busy here at home with all the unpacking. I've been procrastinating on it a lot because I'd rather hang out with my friend for a few days before things get even crazier. They also stuck me with a bunch of homework that I need to work on at some point. I promised holiday cheer, though! And finally I have a picture of my new room. It is so unorganized right now.

Some of my personal decorations I managed to get up today.

My room- wicked messy! I've still got lots of unpacking and organizing to do.

LEON makes a return.

My mom even has her Mickey Mouse X-mas town out.

Tree! Fake, but decorated.


Okay- no joke we would sing this song every year in my music class in elementary school. It doesn't feel like Christmas time if I don't hear it.

Tia and I are watching Santa Baby 1 and 2 on TV right now. I'm glad I finally get to watch my Christmas movies! I'm going to watch at least one a day all week.


  1. Oh, your room looks sweet - love the colour!!
    My whole HOUSE is wicked messy - sigh!! But hope to get some serious dethugging done SOON!!
    Happy holi- days! Had a great solstice ritual with gal friends last night, & brought pomegranate seeds :)

  2. Your new room looks cool and your house is very pretty! I didn't realise you were moving house...I should have kept more up to date with your blog, I'm sorry :( Well, happy holidays and I hope you have a relaxing break from college!

  3. Enjoy decorating your new room - I love that part of moving!

    Love the Christmas decorations!

  4. Everything looks festive and bright! :)

    Hope you had a wonderful Yule!