Sunday, November 1, 2009

So Much Sugar...

I've awoken from my sugar coma to share some pictures with you!

My little ghost meringues- thanks for the idea Suzie!

Sweet & Sour meatballs- our only non junk food all night!

Cupcakes! Store bought mix, but a homemade frosting. We added a raspberry extract to it, a lot of red food coloring, and mini chocolate chips. Yum!

Dirt Dessert, with worms! It's just oreos and coolwhip with gummy worms, but it everyone's favorite in my family.

Well, the dirt might just be second to chocolate covered pretzels! It wouldn't feel like Halloween in my family without them. I covered them in sprinkles and coconut. It was my first time covering them in coconut, and I definitely like it!

Some red ice cubes for our drinks. ;)

While I was making these, with help from my cousin of course, I sent the younger (okay 13 & 14 year old) kids to decorate. They did a great job!

And Tia carved our last pumpkin. I love it!

We had a fun night of sitting around eating junk food and watching movies. I hope everyone else had a fun night, too!


  1. Awesome stuff Tori! I loved EVERYTHING! Oh those gummy worms in the dirt, love that. Neat idea to cover the pretzels! I have seen people make witches' brooms with those, wanted to try but ran out of time. Yay! You did the meringues! Yours look awesome!

    Woohoo! What Halloween fun and good for you for getting some real food into you. I didn't do that until later at night and was pretty stuffed from all the snacks and treats.

    Thank you so much for participating in the Halloween Foodie Challenge! I love seeing the decorations as well, they rocked.

  2. Great decorations and sweets!

    Glad you all had such a nice Halloween!

  3. What a celebration, Tori! You really went all out. Everything looks scrumptious and scary! Perfect!

  4. I love it all! Dipped pretzels are a weakness of mine!

  5. Welcome back from your sugar coma Tori! I actually was good this year and didn't really indulge in that much sugar-although I did have an alcohol coma-:-) Not much better I guess. Nice pics thanks for posting those! Enjoy your week girl!

    Hoi Sum

  6. fun! And yummy!

    Glad you had a good night. :)