Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Back at School- With Internet!

So this post is going to be a bunch of random babbling- just figured I'd warn you now.

I am back at school now and, yes, I have internet again! It never really went away, my laptop just didn't want to connect to the wireless at home the last two days for some reason. Everyone else's computer was connecting just fine, but mind wouldn't. I was concerned, so I took it to my grandpa the computer genius. Of course there's nothing wrong with it and it connects just fine to the wireless there. My computer hates me.

I have decided to participate in the 27 Days of Thankful that Amanda at Serenity Now is putting on. Each day you say something you're thankful for. Since I don't post on my blog every single day I am planning on tweeting what I'm thankful for. Keep an eye out! Today I am thankful for medicine. My Dad and Tia have both caught a flu/cold of some sort. I have a slight cough on top of monthly crampy, achy, issues and a cold sore. I must say, having the ability to just buy something that makes me feel better is wicked awesome.

I won Creepy Cute Crochet from Irreference on the last day of Mrs. B's 31 Days of Halloween. Yay! I haven't crocheted since I was 12 so I am re-teaching myself. Once I get good at it I'm going to have a ton of fun with the book. Thank you Irreference! Thank you Mrs. B! I'll be sharing my crochet adventures here on my blog.

Suzie has decided to sell a tarot reading in her Etsy shop (which will be posted to my list of wicked awesome things you should check out ASAP). If you're brave enough to face what the cards truthfully have to tell you then go there!

I'm pretty sure there was more I wanted to say. Oh, right! I went to Borders over the weekend and bought myself a book to kick start my resolution of learning about herbs. I now own Herbal Remedies by Andrew Chevallier. It has a lot of good info and some amazing pictures! I'm only part way into it and I've already learned some cool things.

I have class soon. But it's just a lecture for me today, I've got lab tomorrow. I'm not sure if this is good or bad only because I don't know if I'll be feeling better or worse tomorrow. Fingers crossed that it's better!


  1. Hi, Tori. Thanks for linking up. :) Hope you'll join us again. Hope you feel better soon!

  2. I am so glad that you won that contest, way to go Tori! And I am very grateful you have internet access, that rocks. And I am moved you put a link up to my Etsy tarot reading, you totally rock Tori.

    As someone who walked in the cold rain today to get more cough syrup, I agree, medicine rocks.

  3. that sounds like a wonderful project to be a part of.

  4. What a perfect cool weather activity to learn how to crochet. I once made a crocheted angel as a child and I don't even recollect anything about it!

  5. Computer glitches so suck! Blagh
    Wow - a reading from Suzie sounds so awesome - I'm tempted!!

    A FAVORITE herb book is Lalitha Thomas: '10 Essential Herbs" - simple but potent herbs, her very favorites. Susun Weed's 'Healing Wise' is similar - 7 favs - in an herb class ~ 20 years ago, our teacher suggested 'learn 100 things about 10 herbs, rather than a few things about a lot of herbs!' - these are such great books 'cause they're so simple! & both emphasise the 'tonic' herbs, ones you could use every single day to build your body. Lalitha also has a few 'only when you need them' favs.
    & both have cool stories (& are ~ 10 - 15$ each) Lalitha uses cayanne for any kind of bleeding, (yes, all kinds!) & has a story about rescuing a puppy that was hit by a car!

    I got some pretty yarn from the sale bin @ a yarn shop, & am knitting some leg warmers for ballet - making some for my granddaughers, too :)

    Hugs & be well!!

  6. Hope you're feeling better!!

    Glad you got your internet back. :)