Sunday, September 13, 2009

TV & Movies

Books rock. I love reading, I think more people should read. But, honestly, TV and movies are fun. That's one reason why Hulu is turning out to be my best friend! Seriously- have you checked out Hulu? You can watch new episodes of shows the next day. I don't know how I would have kept up with The Simpsons or House. Both shows have new seasons starting this month. Who needs a TV when you have the internet, right?

Movies are a bit harder. I definitely do not keep up with most of the popular movies. People can sit and have hour long conversations about movies I've never heard of, let alone seen. It makes me feel stupid and left out. Maybe I just hang out with too many people who have different interests than I have? Plus, all the good movies come out around the same time. Have you ever noticed that? We'll go months without a decent movie in the theatres, then boom! One month at least 5 good ones are released. How can I see all of them? I can't. You'd think they would think about these kinds of things.

My cousin and I saw 9 tonight. It was disappointing. Tim Burton kind of let us down this time in my opinion. I will give it this: the animation was terrific, the idea was neat, and the overall message of the movie was good. I can't really pinpoint where it went wrong, but for some reason it didn't have that spark of genius most of his movies have. It didn't leave me inspired and wanting more.

I am looking forward to Tim's Alice in Wonderland. I really am. Especially since my favorite actor, Johnny Depp, is in it. He plays the Mad Hatter. Have you seen the posters? He looks freaky! March seems so far away...

What seems ever farther away is 2011 when Pirates of the Caribbean 4 comes out!Hooray for more Captain Jack Sparrow! So far I've heard Keira Knightley is out of the picture. I'm not sure about Orlando Bloom, so we may be seeing a bit of Will out on the sea. Geoffrey Rush is in, Barbossa makes it interesting! I also heard the director of the first three movies will not be directing the fourth. Apparently he wanted it to end at number 3, which would have been fine with me. Disney is being greedy, though. POTC made them some major cash, so it's understandable. All we can hope for is that they don't ruin it for the fans!

Okay, I'm done babbling about TV shows and movies. It was a good topic, though, you have to admit. I am trying to find more things to write about. I don't want my blog to be all about me whining about college. xD

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