Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Receiving Compliments

I heard something today that I truly appreciate hearing. It reaffirms what I've been thinking the last few days which is "I really like who I am." 7th period I have a study hall, so I go and sit in my English teacher's room and do homework while he prepares for the next day. We talked for a little bit, and then I sit and do my French homework. Out of no where he just says "Tori, I hope you know that you're really neat." I have a confused look on my face, so he goes on to say "Not neat as in organized, you're a really cool person." He keeps explaining it to me. He tells me that I'm "unique and smart and creative. Kind and caring. Above and beyond most of my classmates." That I "might not have a better GPA than all of them, but they don't have the inquisitive mind that I have." He tells me that he was surprised when I chose to go into restaurant management, because I'd be a good scholar. I explained to him why I chose management. I would love a liberal arts college. I'd flourish and have fun. But I would never want to declare a major or leave.

We talked for a while. He told me he wanted me to know those things, not so I can brag, but so I can be more confident about myself. Well it worked. It makes you feel good to hear someone you respect tell you all the good they see in you.

I just realized that this goes right along with this weeks Joy Rebel Mission, which is about receiving. I've never been a very good compliment receiver, but I'm glad I could accept these ones today. It feels pretty good.

By the way, I had a lot of fun at prom on Saturday! I haven't posted anything about it because I'm still trying to hunt down decent pictures to share. When you're the one with a camera you don't get many of yourself. I think my mom has some of me before we left for prom, and there's always friends on facebook with pictures. I'll get them soon.


  1. I'm glad you could receive the compliment too!! YOu totally deserve it!!

    and I have to say, if liberal arts is your love, I say go for it. If you love it that much, you can always teach liberal arts and stay in the environment. :-)

  2. I am very glad your teacher said those things to you. They are very true and you need to hear them. I am very proud of you not only for accepting the compliment, but posting it too! :)

  3. That is so cool that that teacher took time out to do that for you. I have to remember to do that for some of my students before the year ends.