Thursday, May 21, 2009

8 Things I Promise Myself

So, one of the blogs I've recently found is Magpie Girl. I highly suggest checking out her blog if you haven't- she seems like a lot of fun! She does this meme every Thursday called *8Things. This Thursday the list is 8 Things you promise yourself. I'm playing along because it sounds like fun.

1. Pay attention to what shoes I try to walk across town in
(Ow, my feet are killing me right now! Flip flops suuuck!)

2. Accept change with open arms

3. Ask for help when I need it

4. Not be swayed by other people

5. Make time to read & relax

6. Give myself time to find out who I am

7. Embrace the magic surrounding me

8. Express myself creatively


  1. The first one is always important! :) Good solid promises Tori -- may I borrow them?

    Thanks for the sweet support Grasshopper. You're a joy to read. I promise to get to your questions this weekend! sorry it took a bit. :(


  2. Of course you can borrow them. I hope they serve you well. =)

    I don't mind that it's taking you time to get to the questions. There are more important things in life than answering a meme. I really hope things start looking up for you!