Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Signs of Spring: Prom Dress, Being Outside, & Tree Buds!

I finally feel like posting and have the time to do so! I've either been too busy or just not in the mood to blog the past few days.

Last Friday I went prom dress shopping. I had a great time, and trying on dresses really just improves a girls mood. My mom, aunt, cousin, and the store workers just kept throwing dresses into the room for me to try on. Who can be in a bad mood after trying on dresses for an hour? Not me. I finally decided on this dress, though. I love it! I feel like a fairy in it. ^^ And the best part is that it fits perfectly- no alterations needed!

And here's a close up of the bead work. It's beautiful.

Easter was a roaring success on Sunday. The kids loved the egg hunt! There was so much food, which is common when my family gets together. It's all about feeding everyone who walks thru the door. Holidays with my family are always wicked fun. =)

The weather has been beautiful the past few days! When I come home from school I sit outside, eat an apple, read, and get as much of my work done as I can outside. Today I did 90% of my homework on the steps. xD When I finally do come upstairs I look out my window and see this.

A budding tree. Is there anything nicer? I get to watch as, over time, the buds grow into leaves. It won't be too much longer!


  1. Gorgeous dress Tori! Love the beading and loving the better days too! :)

  2. Oh my gosh! That dress is so beautiful! Can't wait to see you wearing it!

  3. oh *happy sigh*!!!

    that dress is absolutely beautiful!

    yeah you!!!

  4. OMG, that is one of the prettiest dresses I've EVER seen!