Sunday, March 29, 2009

Updates On My Boring Life

My World Religions teacher lent me a book I've been trying to read for a few days now. We're currently studying religions originating in China, so of course one of the main religions there is Taoism. She lent me the book she brought in called The Tao of Pooh. Basically, it's Winnie the Pooh explains Taoism. It is so easy to read and it's fun because it includes all the characters from Winnie the Pooh.

I've been reading that when I wasn't reading the new Kim Harrison book I was talking about sometime last week. I finished reading White Witch, Black Curse last night. Kim Harrison knows how to keep you wanting more- I highly suggest reading the Hollows series!

Other than reading, I haven't been doing much. I made some chicken that I loved, I'll definitely post the recipe later. It's a rainy day here, though, and I don't feel like doing anything.

We're supposed to meet with the person we may be buying land from this Wednesday. He's got the price he wants figured out, and he says it's a good deal. We hope his idea of a good deal is the same as ours!


  1. Wayne Dyer has a wonderful book that he wrote on Taoism. the study of world religions sounds fantastic.

    thanks so much for visiting me over the past month when I haven't returned the visits.. hopefully life has calmed for me and I can get back into the swing of things xo

  2. Good luck with the land purchase! I know how much your family wants it and deserves it. Hugs!

  3. I adore the tao of pooh. it's a sweet, fun read. :-)

  4. I heard about this book before, but never read it. Maybe I should try it now!

    Good luck on the land stuff, may you get on good terms in the end!

    Kisses from us!