Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Joy Rebel!

This weeks Joy Rebel Mission is to look back on our blogs a year ago. The idea is to acknowledge our growth and affirm what we would like for our future. I didn't have a blog this time last year, but I was doing things.

Last March I was...
Getting excited about my Junior Prom that I had in May
Keeping deadlines for the yearbook
Thinking seriously about what my senior year would be like
Looking forward to seeing my cousin graduate in June
Worrying about my license
Really, really, wanting summer to come
Becoming more aware of my path
Trying not to worry about what it will be like in college

This March I am...
Excited for my Senior Prom which will be in May
Filling out scholarships
Thinking about college
Looking forward to, and dreading, my own graduation in June
Endlessly annoyed that I don't have my license yet
REALLY wanting summer to be here
Wishing we could hurry up and buy a house to move in to

It's not too different, but at the same time it is 100% different. I only have a few months until I am through with high school! It's both scary and exciting. My future lies before me, but I can't see where I'm going. All I can do is hope that it's worth the ride.

What changes have you gone through in the last year? A year goes by so quickly, and so much happens. Life is crazy.

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  1. Fantastic! An very interesting exercise indeed. I am not into looking back at present, but I can see how useful it can be :)