Monday, January 26, 2009

School Stuff

I love my new class schedule! World Religions is already my new favorite class, Conflict Resolution is going to be easy, but fun. Personal Finance is going to be difficult, but definitely worth taking, and I can't wait to begin cooking in Chefs! I found out that I got an A on my AP English exam, and an 82 on my French exam. I'm disappointed with myself for the French grade, but I could do worse than a B- on a French 4 midterm!

I feel like such a geek, but I really do love going to school. Learning is something I love. I know that there is a reason I'm taking the classes I'm taking. What I am being taught can be useful for my future. Still, how many teenagers do you hear saying "I like going to school."?

I have 7th period study hall this semester. So as long as I can find a ride home I can leave school a period early. I got a ride from Amy's mom today. I feel bad making her take me across town, though, so I need to work on getting my license! There are the same old problems I've had for months with getting my license, I just don't get to the 'city' enough to practice. I'm fine with in-town driving, but where I need to take the test is 30 minutes away and much more city-like. I'll figure out something. Having your license is a necessary if I want to get a job or go anywhere.

I think we're making chicken for dinner tonight, and having the fudge I made yesterday for dessert. Now that I am taking Chefs class I'll be doing a lot more cooking and have some new recipes to share!


  1. Can I just clone you? :) No, seriously, can I? :)

  2. You can take a chef's class in school? Oh man, I would have loved to do that! So you made real fudge? That's very challenging. I've only made one kind successfully. You can find the recipe here although it is an adult's fudge:

    You are doing amazing and I love that you love learning. Just shows how smart and fantastic you are!

  3. Girl - you are so not a geek! Enjoy it while you can.
    If I could afford to, I would go to school for the rest of my life! I'd take every course out there.

    Go for your liscense chickie! I lived in teeny town and the test was the same as with you - in a real city with real traffic! I was terrified and didn't take the test till I was 29!!! And it really wasn't that bad.
    Just do it. You'll wonder how you ever lived without driving!

    Thanks for your support on my dentist phobia...good luck to you too!