Monday, October 13, 2008

Wonderful Day

I really am just having the greatest day! I feel so honored to, first of all, accept a blog award from Angela! I will gladly pass this blessing on to Sacred Suzie and Aelwyn. I would have given it to a few others as well if Angela had not already.

I am also the lucky winner of the gorgeous pendant from Such Pretty Colors that Mrs. B. was giving away yesterday.
Thank you Angela for giving me my first blog award, and thank you Mrs. B. for giving me the chance to win that beautiful pendant! I don’t know how I could possibly be in a better mood!


  1. Neither could go to a nicer person :O)

  2. Congratulations on the pendant and your very welcome for the award!

  3. Angela is a sweet person, I loved this award as well. And this pendant is awesome!!! It will match with the shirt you won last night! Congrats! We both won two giveaways at Mrs. B.'s, because I also got that gorgeous pottery with lavender candle! Isn't that cool? It's like being a child again, LOL