Sunday, October 12, 2008

Autumn In New England

This is why I love living in New England! Honestly, I understand why we get so many leaf peepers. The foliage this year is perfect. That is a picture from Hogback Mountain. The view is much better for real. You can blame the bad picture on my poor picture taking skills! There are so many colors this year. Driving down the road is a treat when you get to see the changing leaves everywhere.

On our way to Hogback Mountain we came across a group of people pressing apples for apple cider. I am so glad I had my camera at the time. I took pictures and watched them making the apple cider from start to finish right in front of me. I made a slide show of it, but I couldn't upload it on blogger because it was not made with the right program. I will have to just post the pictures instead.

Start with apples... Put them in the big chopper... Wrap the crushed apples in a cloth to filter...

The cider comes out down here when you press them... That gets put into a big container through another filter... And Finally into a jug to take home!

It is the best apple cider I have ever tasted. I'm happy we stopped so I could see this.


  1. Beautiful pictures! I love love love fresh made apple cider,MMMHMMM.

    BTW come by my blog. I left a gift for you there! Oh and when you do, take a look at the picture in my header. Thats a local one, of the Blue Ridge Mountains here in Western NC.

  2. Beautiful picture of the leaves changing! We drove out to pumpkin pick this weekend, and the leaves were just gorgeous!

    How cool to get to watch people make apple cider!

  3. Beautiful picture of the fall colors. We don't get color like that here in Colorado, only yellow. And so cool to have seen the cider being made! Yum.

    Thanks for visiting my blog the other day and leaving a comment.

  4. The fall colors are amazing over there! Hmm... I can almost taste this cider, I love everyting with apples...