Tuesday, October 28, 2008


With Halloween only a few days away it seems like a good time to talk about divination. I made a set of pumpkin seed runes on Saturday. I love them! They are the perfect seasonal runes. I haven’t seriously tried scrying yet, and I haven’t gotten the hang of tarot, but I enjoy runes.
For me runes are fun. I pull a rune out of my bag every morning. This daily rune just tells me what to expect that day. So far it’s worked out well.
When I first set out to learn more about runes I was suggested a ton of different websites. I found some useful, and some not so useful. I still don’t know as much as I could. One of the really useful websites I found is Eric Wodening’s Rune Pages. There is a lot of information here.

I, of course, also bought a book about runes when I first became interested in them. It is A Practical Guide to the Runes by Lisa Peschel. It’s an okay book with some good information in it.

I’m not sure what else there is to say. Halloween is on Friday! I’ll be going out trick or treating with a couple friends. We have a foreign exchange student from France who wants to experience a real American Halloween, so sometime that night we are also going to watch some scary movies. It should be fun!

As for Samhain, I didn’t realized how much I miss my Grandpa until I started thinking about what I would do. I am planning an alter right now. I’m gathering photos and other things for it this week. It’s going to be sad, remembering him, but I can’t think of a better night to face my emotions.

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  1. How cool that you made the runes! I love mine. They are so fall-ish, and just the right size to work easily with. And the right price, lol!

    Samhain is a great night to face the death of a loved one and find some peace. Try to remember the wonderful times you had together and celebrate your grandpa's life and love you shared. I like the Mexican Day of the Dead type celebrations of ancestors. Celebrate them as much as you can, instead of being sad that they've left. For me, at least, it makes it easier.

    Have a blast out with your friends Friday!!!