Friday, September 26, 2008


Meditation is a good skill to learn. If you can meditate then you have a very effective way to relax yourself. Meditation is not just a way to relax though. You can meditate on an idea and it will help you decide what you believe is right or wrong. You can meditate to learn information about yourself. Some people meditate to learn what their spirit guide is.

I have not mastered meditation. I want to, and it is something I am working on. I suffer from the age old problem of the second you are trying to clear your mind a million thoughts pop up. xD There are a lot of people who have the same problem.

I find that if I have something to focus on it is easier to meditate. Some people listen to relaxing music. I like to sit and stare at a candle flame, or the smoke from incense. Those two work well for me. I also find that deep breaths help in the beginning. Take a few deep breaths, then just slow down and concentrate on your breathing.

You do not need to sit like Buddha in order to meditate. I do sometimes sit cross legged on the floor, just because I feel comfortable that way. Other times I want to sit on the couch, or on my bed. I risk falling asleep if I am really comfortable, but if I’m too tired I won’t usually try to meditate anyway.

There are guided meditations out there in books and on the internet. They can help you with various things, depending on what the guided meditation is for. Most of the ones I have seen take you to a place, like a garden, and help you learn something. Others are just for relaxing, or for fun. The problem I have with these is if you don’t record yourself saying them, you need to get someone else to read them to you. I don’t want anyone around watching me try to meditate. xP

I cannot suggest any books or websites to help learn meditation. Despite it being a skill you learn, there really is no way to ‘teach’ it. Different methods work for different people. I would suggest talking to people to see what works for them.

Sorry for the lack of posts. I just wrote this tonight, and I am tired. It’s been a busy week. I’ve been distracted with Oh My Gods! comics, Brisingr, and lots of homework. I babysit as well. I am doing that all day tomorrow. Not to mention this weekend is homecoming! It’s a small school, we don’t have very good sports teams, and all the games have been rained out, but I am going to the dance Saturday night. Wish me luck! I don’t usually go to dances, and I have a cold. =P


  1. I used to think of meditating like it was a hard mental exercise. I had a counselor who told me it's the absence of trying to think. I said, "Oh, that's a brain break!" I used to do these all the time, staring out the window especially. It's about letting go, not trying to control. Guided meditations are awesome! You can download podcasts of them, they're excellent.

    You inspired me to write about crystal cleansing since we're coming up on the new moon. Oh and I also wrote about making your own holy water!

    I hope you're feeling better soon. I'm sick too, it's sucks big time.

  2. Hope you are having a blast right now at your dance!

    I usually listen to Celtic music when I meditate. I'm actually not all that into the music, but I found that, for whatever reason, it helps me to stay "unfocused" while I meditate! Weird, but it works for me :O)

  3. I love meditating a bit before right when I wake up, before Lucas is up too. Those minutes are precious to me. During my shower is another time, but more at a relaxing state than anything else.
    Hope you had fun at your dance!

    Kisses & bright blessings.