Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Updates: RTT Style

I decided to play along with Random Tuesday Thoughts.


I'm in my nutrition class right now. Not only have I been on my computer the whole time, but I have been answering 50% of the questions the teacher asks. I feel really good about my multi-tasking ability.

As part of our nutrition class we are keeping track of everything we eat. Eye opening? Definitely. Useful? Kind of. I'm working more fruits and vegetables into my diet now, but I don't have a lot of control over what I eat usually. I eat whatever they serve at the cafeteria.

I'm hooked on this website My Life is Average. It's funny and makes me happy. Go there!

I have an appointment with a substance abuse counsellor on Thursday. It's going to cost me $110. This little fuck up is costing me a lot of money. State of Vermont, you have your wish I've realized drinking underage is not worth it. Happy?

We just started cooking on the line yesterday. Every Monday we will be cooking lunch for The Grill. We were all so scared, but it turns out it was pretty easy. And fun! I'm looking forward to next Monday. The only thing is by 7:00 last night I felt like I was gonna die. Being in the kitchen is a lot more physically exhausting that being in a classroom learning the mental side of the restaurant industry.

I fell asleep last night talking to myself. I was doing Suzie's New Moon Cleansing. She said we had to talk, so I was talking. I woke up feeling better, both physically and spiritually. I'm trying to bring the spiritual back into my life. I guess it's a good thing I realized Ostara is on Saturday. I'll figure out how to celebrate.

Speaking of Ostara and spring- it's wicked nice here! I'm starting to think maybe we won't get hit with one more big snow storm before the end of March. I can only hope the warm is here to stay.

I have a nice group of friends here. Every night we usually watch a movie or play outside. Sometimes both. Tonight we're thinking playing outside so we can enjoy the nice weather. I'm loving college. <3


  1. Way to multi-task lol Happy RTT!

  2. I love My Life is Average. I waste way too much time there. :)

  3. I have more friends online than I do in real life and I'm actually okay with that.

  4. Yay for both multi-tasking and MLA :D

    I think it's really important to look at our diets every so often. I know I don't get nearly enough of the fresh fruit and veggies my body needs. Hopefully this will change this spring.

    Thanks for passing on the new moon cleansing!

  5. Yea, multi tasking!! & all the chefs I've known do work so durn hard!
    Re fresh food -
    I've been sprouting again recently so easy any place; - plus making coconut milk kefir! (cultures at room temp) Mmm -
    I got Lalitha (Thomas) book '10 essential foods' after adoring her funny & practical '10 essential herbs' - one of her sprouting stories - she was in India, & every day would give bread to the (mostly) toothless old women begging close to the hostel - & then she felt she needed more fresh food, so got some dried lentils at the mkt, & used a wee bit of bottled water in a cup she'd kept - every day would rinse with a bit of the bottled water, & was savoring them as she approached the women - KNEW they wouldn't like them, & couldn't really chew them . . . & if she gave them any of her PRECIOUS store, they'd end up on the ground for the cows . . . . yep! they begged for some, she finally caved & gave the 'head lady' a few, miming chew-chew-chew. . . blagh!
    like 'why did you make all those yum yum faces for THOSE nasty things???'
    Still makes me chuckle! I wish I'd known about sprouting when I was in college :)

  6. Thanks for introducing me to My Life is Average, it's so fun!
    Abuot healthier food, you'll start feeling a big difference in your skin and hair, specially if you drink lots of water as well.
    It's sweet to see how well you're getting along at college, Tori.
    But what is this about conselour appotment? I'1m lost.

    Kisses from us.

  7. I'm impressed by your multi-tasking skills as well! :)


    I honestly think they're taking this a bit overboard with you, I really do.

    Happy spring!