Thursday, September 24, 2009

Choosing Apple Recipes

When I go home this weekend (finally!) I am going to make tons of food using the apples my family went to pick last weekend. I've been collecting recipes this week and I had a hard time choosing! I can't make all of them, I found too many that I liked.

I think I am going to make- The Maple Baked Apple Bites Suzie talked about over on her blog. Apple crisp (and possibly freeze it.) Make and freeze either apple pies or apple turnovers. Make and can applesauce.

And I am really curious about how it will taste so I want to make some fried apple pies with a recipe I found. I mean, fried apple pie sounds awesome! Paula Dean, my heart would be healthier without you- but my taste buds would be missing out!

I am going to forgo the apple raisin muffins, apple zeppole, and apple spice glazed donuts. They sound good, but I don't have the time! I will share recipes for the other things sometime soon. I probably won't read blogs while at home, I am going to have so much to do. I will read my emails and update on Twitter, but only because they take only a few moments. I'm so happy to be able to spend time with my family. This weekend is going to rock.


  1. Tori, I am so glad you are going to get some time at home with your family and baking! What a perfect time that is going to be. Remember, you can still make those apple bites with Aunt Jemimah if that's all you got, like me. Although the real stuff would rock too.

    Oh I know! Paula Deen is absolutely crazy and inspiring when it comes to cholesterol but I bet those apple pies are worth it. Most of her food is, just not for every day.

    Enjoy your time off in the kitchen with your family surrounded by apple peelings. Hugs!

  2. What a yummy, yummy post!!!
    I've missed your posts are always such an inspiration and so fun to read.
    I'm back now - just had to deal with some crap in my life.

  3. MMMMM apples!!!

    BTW, there is a gift for you on my blog!