Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Findings

I consider yesterday a very successful shopping trip! I found four shirts. The three in the first picture and the one I'm wearing in the second picture. I also found a black sweater that I didn't take a picture of. I found an awesome pair of cargo pants (I'm wearing them in the second picture) and six pairs of jeans. I bought all the jeans at the Salvation Army because I could not find any jeans at the mall. It was the most frustrating thing! I was not going to pay for jeans with giant rips in them just because they are "in style". I'm not very gentle with my jeans, so I need them to hold up. Then, some stores had weird sizes. One store would only have even numbers and another would only have odd numbers. I would always fall in between two numbers! I won't pay for pants that don't fit me right. Oh well. I saved money by going to the Salvation Army, and they already have that comfy feel to them.

I also found two books at the Salvation Army.

Then when we woke up this morning my mom and dad seemed to both be in bad moods so my mom and I went to a flea market to get out of the house. We found this! It holds our potatoes and onions. We were worried about finding a place for it, but it fits right next to the stove.

I also found this cool penny in a bottle.

Belated Happy 4th! Last night I made the non alcoholic version of Mrs. B's Sangria. It's good!

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  1. Fun finds! I so want that potatoe/onion bin! I grew up in 'potatoe country' & we had a big bin on our back porch for the 'spuds'
    With second hand clothes (which I get ALL the time, & adore!) you might throw a bit of salt or baking soda in the wash with them the first time - helps 'cleanse' other folks energy! I use baking (or washing) soda in my massage laundry, as it takes the oil out, & helps do the 'energy clearing' as well :)