Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day & Testing My Green Thumb

First off- Happy Earth Day! The weather here was nice for a little while, but turned windy and then rainy. I got to spend some time outside like I've been wanting. I picked up the sticks around our yard and piled them up near where we will be having campfires as soon as the weather warms up (hopefully that will be soon!) Then I just sat outside and wrote 1 of 3 essay question answers for a scholarship. It started raining as soon as I decided to try my little experiment.

I went through with it anyway! I honestly believe that it doesn't matter how dirty I get over the course of my day because I am just going to shower before bed anyways. My experiment was this- We have a beautiful lilac bush on the corner of our house that is sprouting up tons of suckers. I read about how to dig some up and replant them. I decided to try it, but put one in a pot to see if it will live. My problem is that I have never successfully kept a potted plant alive. But if we end up moving soon (and I really hope we do) then I want to bring some of the suckers with us. So if this one lives then I'll know that it wouldn't be a waste of time to replant suckers at a new house.

I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it lives. I seem to have a black thumb, but I've always wanted to garden. I consider this a test. If it doesn't live, then maybe I need to consider not having plants. xP


  1. Happy Earth Day!
    One thing you can do when planting suckers or cuttings is to dip (or water with) it in 'rootone' - which encourages root growth! It's basically vitamin B-1, so you could crush a B-1 tablet, & water with that!! I've done both ways, & it does help get things going :)

    Good luck with your scolarship, & with the move :)

  2. May the test be successful! I am a fellow black thumb, but I will still try! :) Best of luck with everything honey! :)

  3. Fingers crossed that it will work! I have a lilac bush out in front of my house, and when that thing blooms, boy do I love it!

  4. oohhh...I hope you get lots of blooms!!!