Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Rant, Update, and Wishing- All in One Post! =D

Last night my parents and my grandparents were at a meeting to hear if we could get a variance to put a mobile home on a piece of property that my grandfather owns. Our would-be-neighbors got up and said that they felt a mobile home next door would devalue their property. WTF?! There’s no house there! They’ve cleared the land to put a house there, their second house in fact. So my parents can’t own one house- but they can own two? We were turned down for the variance. We can’t live on that property. But you know what? It is also zoned for agriculture. I hope they enjoy their new neighbors. They are going to be real pigs compared to what we would have been. =) We’re going to tear down or reuse the structure that is already there (which is a total POS) and have a few pigs, maybe some chickens.

Okay, rant over! We were all just really hoping to get the variance. We wanted to move onto that property and own a home instead of renting. Better ourselves. We’re still going to most likely move soon. The people we’re renting from don’t want to pay to have the roof fixed or do anything to maintain the house. Fingers crossed that we find a nice house to move into!

I’ll be heading to the dentist in a little bit to have some of my cavities taken care of. I hope I’m not in too much pain after. I actually want to go to school this afternoon, so I can go to the movies tonight! ($5.50 for all movie tickets- and you get free popcorn.) Last night I went bowling with some friends. $2 Tuesdays. Shoes for $2 and each game for $2. It was well worth the $6 to go out and have fun. Even if I have fallen behind on getting scholarships filled out, journaling through The Sunflower, or working on my quilt. Yikes! I should work on those.

It is also Wishcasting Wednesday! Jamie asks- what do you wish to change? I wish to find a new wonderful home for my family to live in!

Update- I am back from the dentist! Even though I'm not in pain (in fact, the entire left side of my mouth is numb) I am staying home. My dad said to my sister and I "Either you're bothing going to school or you're both staying home." My sister doesn't want to go. I am not looking forward to playing catch up on my schoolwork, but at least I get to work on all that other stuff while at home. My dad even said I could still go to the movies!


  1. As Tori wishes for herself, so I wish also!

    That's a bummer that you didn't get the variance! Are there any other channels you can try? Is there an appeal process?

    I am sending out prayers that you get a lovely. problem free new home where you all can be happy!


  2. I hope your mouth is feeling better!

    What snobs to fight against your family putting up a mobile home! It's such an affordable way to own a home. In Texas, where I'm from, so many people start out in them for that reason. I was so surprised, when we moved to NJ, that there are almost none here. One tiny little park. It's like a huge stigma, and people would be appalled if anyone were to try to put one anywhere. It's crazy to me. They'd rather rent a $1500 apartment than own their own home for a fraction of that.


  3. Well that just stinks about the variance! I think people have the wrong idea about mobile homes these days. They're not like in the movies, people. It's awful that you need permission for your own property at all. Well, I hope the land next to them is full of crowing roosters!

    My wish for today? Well I'm going to wish you a great home too!