Friday, December 26, 2008


My Christmas was great! We were supposed to be having a smaller Christmas this year so we have more money when we go to Disney World in February (I still can't believe I get to see Disney World soon!) My mom went overboard as usual, though! I can't complain... I got the things I wanted. It's just hard to believe we can afford an extravagant Christmas, then Disney in February, and then my parents want to buy a house in the spring. I'm not going to even try to talk to my parents about their finances. They've worked their way up from the bankruptcy, so I am putting faith in them knowing what they're doing.

I hope other people had as good a holiday as I had! I have tons of kitchen supplies, towels, movies, and a sewing machine. I'm set for moving off on my own after (or during) college. The lunch at my aunt's house was delicious as usual. She does it every year, and every year we all stuff ourselves until we feel sick. Then, once we feel a bit better, we eat some more. xP

This is probably my favorite thing I got. My Aunt Jen made it for me. She knows I like tye-dye, and she knows I like pirates. How could it get any cooler than tye-dye pirate skulls?! Answer: it can't. I didn't feel the need to move the cat off my bed to take the picture, so I'll introduce her. She is one of our two cats. This one is Anastasia. She lays in that same spot on my bed almost every night.


  1. Awww how sweet! Love the tie-dye spread and the kitty!

    I am so happy your home and family are showered with blessings. May they keep coming!


  2. That tie-dye spread is awesome! Happy Christmas, Tori! Glad it was such a fabulous one. :)

  3. that's a great tie-dyed spread ~ what a wonderful gift for you :-)

  4. Glad your having a wonderful holiday!!

    At Disney World, which park are you heading to? We went this past June and had a lovely time. If you all can afford it and will be down there about a week, get Universal Studios unlimited 7 day pass. It's around $80 per person and you can go as much as you want to either park for 7 consecutive days. We had one day passes to Disney World and did the rest of our week at Universal. We were tired lol. Anyway, thought I would pass that info along!