Wednesday, December 31, 2008


2009 is tomorrow! Can you believe it?

I made a Blessing Jar for myself yesterday. This was fun to do, I hope other people decide to make one too!

Now for the numerology of 2009-

2009 adds up to 11, which a lot of people wouldn't break down because 11 is a 'master number'. I prefer to break it down, sticking to the idea that the numbers 1-9 are the basis for numerology. So 2009 is a 2 year.

Everyone is going to interpret numbers differently, but the way I view it is that 2009 will be a year for teamwork. 2008 was a 1 year, a year for new beginnings and ideas. The 2 year is a way to make those new ideas possible. Collaborating to make a project successful is better than trying to run the show on your own, input will be more helpful. This is just a general idea for 2009.

A personal year is how the year applies to you. It is the month and day of your birth plus the year you want to know about. For me that is 12+14+2009. My personal year is a 1 for 2009. It seems appropriate, because that means new beginnings, leadership, and possibly travel. I am going to be taking more of a lead on my life soon. I am going to get my license, graduate high school, and go to college. The travel even applies, because the college I am going to is in the next state over. I have never lived anywhere else but the town I live in now, so that is definitely travel for me!

If you want to calculate your own personal year for 2009 I told you how above. A good place to find the meanings for the number (if you don't own a book on numerology or already have a favorite website) would be here.

Everyone have a great New Year!! =D


  1. Oh! Very enlightening and helpful! I like your interpretations of the numbers. Very wise. :)

    May 2009 bring you exciting opportunities for leadership, new discoveries and the realization of your hopes and dreams! :)

  2. Interesting that it is a master number year! Oh and I like how you broke it down to two and that it is a year of powerful fruition of ideas. I like that!

    Oh no! Oh my, that is a lot of salt, LOL. I almost did that with molasses on my pumpkin pie. Instead of a couple of table spoons I was going to put in 3/4 cup and then realized that I got the measurements of molasses and brown sugar mixed up! That was a close call. :)

  3. thans for your interesting post! I hope that 2009 brings you much happiness and everything else you wish for, blessings, Ali

  4. quick! you won the gift away... I need your postal address.. can you email it to me!
    faery land is closing soon.... hurry for the last day xo

  5. Happy New Year to you! I like that blessing jar idea. I may have to save that for next year, or another day this year.